Steel City ​Fasteners Inc.

"every possible application"


You found us! Your new Fastener Supplier!  Product availability, and broken promises have brought you to our doorstep, and you have come to t​he right place! With over 20 years of Fastener experience, we have seen it all, and we are here to help!  

Your Current Supplier Already Called Us! 

As the Big Corporations continue to buy and merge company after company, chances are, the  new contact at your local Industrial supplier only knows part numbers and spreadsheets. They have our phone number on SPEED DIAL! When the flames are HOT, our name has continued to hold true. The Fastener Experts with knowledge of "every possible application" We have the knowledge, and the experience to put out your fires, and keep them out!  

You needed it yesterday? No Problem! 

Our reach is far! Our Fastener friends and allies are not only local, they are national. Combined with our international affiliates, we can get what you need FAST! 

With FOUR stocking locations, we are close enough to service you today!


Steel City Fasteners Inc. 


235 Apollo Beach Blvd

Apollo Beach, FL 33572